R.I.P. Pocahaunted

Pocahaunted. We hardly knew ya.

In four active years, the band created by Amanda Brown and Bethany Cosentino seemed poised for great things but always lied just on the edge of indie-breakthrough act. Then, Cosentino left the group and formed Best Coast, which I hear is making some waves on the scene. But Brown continued on with touring and recording, creating some respectable music and earning a devoted following along the way. But, as announced on the band’s MySpace, the journey has ended and Brown has decided to hang-up the moniker and start anew.

When reached for comment by CoS, Brown stated that “the band has been going on for four years in multiple configurations and after all this time we’ve just decided to move on. Even though we feel like we had better songs to write and more interesting paths to follow, it felt healthier, happier and more invigorating to put this project to rest.”

Furthermore, Brown added the following on the band’s Myspace blog:

“Oh man it’s been four years since Bethany and I started Pocahaunted. I feel like over those years the members and the music changed every four minutes. Ad still there you were listening. I’m so grateful for all the couches crashed on, all the shows set up, all the records ordered, all the kind words said. When the Jonas Brothers claim they couldn’t do it without their fans we all roll our eyes, but we shouldn’t. It’s been a long time since I played a show for myself or drove through south carolina on a personal whim. I do it because [you’re] there, and some of you have even been there since I was just sitting cross legged with an out of tune guitar and a mic duct-taped to a keyboard stand. Part of me still has a real feeling of innocence about this band — and part of me feels the wisdom that comes with four years of crazy creation. It’s just that time to shimmy on.”

Pocahaunted were probably best known for their 2008 Island Diamond LP, which received critical acclaim and gained them the notoriety tour the country as a headliner in small venues. And it should be noted that they were doing the bohemian-Indian thing before every girl in Silver Lake and Brooklyn was. Amanda Brown is a talent and like Cosentino, it is the opinion of CoS that she will land on her feet and probably has some of her best material ahead of her. Best of luck to her and the other band members Britt Brown, Leyna Tilbor, Diva Dompe, and Ged Gengras.

Photo via myspace.com/pocahaunted


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