Ryan Adams loves to work, reveals more upcoming plans

Ryan Adams likes to stay busy. Like unbelievably crazy busy. But recently, a lot of his work has been, well, rather gimmicky. Sure, the metal album was fun, and the crap-y music was a hoot, but we want Adams to get back to making Ryan Adams music. Thankfully, he’s done just that with plans to reissue finally release Cardinals III/IV. Now, though, thanks to some manic Twitter activity by Adams and the wonderful fans at Ryan Adams Archive, we’ve got some more juicy details on that project and beyond.

Here’s what we knew already: the album, originally recorded by Adams and his band The Cardinals in 2006 and delayed thanks to the release of Easy Tiger that same year, will feature 20 tracks. On top of that, he also previously made note of plans to at last release the pre-Easy Tiger record Blackhole. At the time, we knew little in the way of an actual release date for any of the albums. However, now we know… slightly more than what we knew before. According to one batch of tweets, Adams said both records would be released sometime this fall, will be available in vinyl and digital, and will not be out as limited copies.

In terms of other releases, Adams powered out another batch of tweets to further indicate his schedule was going to be just as busy for the remainder of 2010 and into 2011. He’s been working in LA and California, doing music that he’s calling the “most ME sounding stuff yet… just me making my music stripped down and raw and songs about real shit.” And on top of nabbing a major distributor, he revealed that the song labeled “France” would be on Cardinals III/IV.

But if that weren’t enough (it should be, you greedy pigs), Adams also detailed his plan to record two solo LPs on either coast,  While he didn’t clarify whether the NYC and LA sessions were the same project, he did write that the California session featured a bigger, more natural sound with the entire band in the studio at once.  Meanwhile, the NYC session seemed to be a little more intimate and playful.  NYC garnered four songs that met Adams’ standards, while LA saw the rowdy group of musicians craft “14 (songs) and they were ALL keepers and some of them were re-cuts or re-workings of the NYC stuff.”

Oh, but wait, he’s not done yet. He’s also working on reissuing Orion and has “three full Pax-Am releases before year’s end” as yet another goal in a seemingly never-ending list of them. And if his friends and family didn’t miss him enough as it is, he may be doing a solo tour this fall. Please, Mr. Adams, don’t do anything else; our hands and head hurt enough already from processing all of this.

As always, stay tuned for more news and a Twitter explosion as they’re announced/occur frequently.


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