Seal floats back to the surface with new album

I’m usually too busy envying Seal and his beautiful wife, his seemingly happy children, his moderately impressive physique and his boatload of cash in the bank to ever consider what happened to his music career. The “Kiss From A Rose” singer has seemingly not made any music since…”Kiss From A Rose”, but we all knew he was playing housedad to a supermodel, so no one ever really questioned his step back from the musical spotlight. Well, I think we are all in for a great big surprise to discover that he has been releasing music this whole time, with his last album coming out just two years ago. Yes, I feel embarrassed and you should too!

Regardless, Seal will unleash his 6th studio record this fall, titles Commitment. I don’t really see him having a lot of insight on the issue of commitment, I mean, how hard is it to remain committed to Heidi Klum? I’m just sayin…

Seal, however, would beg to differ, stating, “everything about my life is fully committed. I’ve never felt more focused on the matter at hand: My wife, my children, the family in general, my own well-being, and of course music and my career. Each one of these songs has personal meaning for me. I dug very deep and all I can hope for is that the music strikes a chord with people.”

Due to be released on September 28th on Reprise, the album features production by Grammy award winner David Foster, who produced the aforementioned previous record, Soul. I guess it was number one in France for over three months. I’m literally red with embarrassment. I’m sorry Seal (Mr. Seal?), I totally had no idea you still recorded so regularly. Luckily, I really doubt that Seal reads CoS. Prove me wrong!


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