Small Black look to get big on debut LP

Bands get noticed for a variety of reasons. Some have a charismatic lead singer that can make an impression at a live show, some have creative instrument combinations, and some might just have a friend with a little bit of clout. I first noticed Small Black because of their name. The turn on Big Black, Steve Albini’s influential DIY band, will be lost on some, but if not pointing to excellent taste from the Brooklyn band, it at least shows an excellent sense of history.

After an EP and considerable buzz from the underground, Small Black has finally readied their debut full-length, titled New Chain. Recorded outside of the crowded scene in some place called Delaware (“We’re in…Delaware”), the group promises a record that is both dreamy and danceable, with M83 picked out as a possible reference point. That would place it among a pretty crowded group of artists this year, but Small Black might stand out from the crowd.

New Chain will be available for purchase on October 26th from Jagjaguwar. And the good news is that this puts Small Black half-way toward matching the total records Big Black released. Whether they can reach the same notoriety– or any– is yet to be seen.


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