Spike Jonze’s I’m Here soundtrack alive with indie acts

Before Spike Jonze started making weird movies — like some art-house film about going inside the head of the bad guy from Con Air, or that movie with not one but two Nicholas Cages — he was shooting music videos for Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Weezer, and plenty of other awesome bands. Guy was way cooler back then! Even after he made started making weird movies, he still directed music videos for LudacrisKanye. and LCD Soundsystem. Jonze knows his music, and he’s putting a handful of great bands on the soundtrack of his new, presumably weird movie.

The soundtrack to undoubtedly weird I’m Here will feature songs from Animal Collective, Girls, Sleigh Bells, Gui Boratto, as well as two tracks from The Lost Trees; a band consisting of Flea, Nick Zimmmer from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and LA artist Aska Matsumiya (via The Playlist). Also appearing is an ASKA track (which you can preview below) and two songs from Squeak E. Clean, aka Spike Jonze’s younger brother Sam Spiegel, who also composed the score to the film. Plus, if you didn’t pick up Of Montreal’s “The Past Is A Grotesque Animal” single, you can also hear the powerful yet truncated version of the song on this soundtrack.

The actual film I’m Here tells the story of two robots living in a semi-futuristic Los Angeles where humans and robots coexist. The story is based on Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree. Sounds weird.

And by weird I always, of course, mean absolutely fantastic.

The soundtrack is due for release on October 5th via Chocolate Industries. The film, which debuted earlier this year, can currently be viewed on its official website.

I’m Here: The Soundtrack Tracklist:
01. ASKA – There Are Many of Us (feat. Nick Zinner and Flea)
02. Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life
03. Sleigh Bells – A/B Machines
04. Of Montreal – The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (feat. The Lost Trees)
05. Animal Collective – Did You See the Words
06. Girls – Hellhole Ratrace
07. Squeak E. Clean – There Are Many of Us (Electric Dream Version)
08. Squeak E. Clean – Lonesome Robot Theme
09. ASKA – Y.O.U.


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