Watch: Arcade Fire deliver towering Daily Show performance

The hottest thing in music since Eminem took to the equally hip Daily Show earlier tonight to make their first late night television appearance in support of The Suburbs. Take that, J-Fal!

In the last week alone, the Canadian outfit has delivered both a masterful Madison Square Garden webcast and a brilliant Lollapalooza headlining performance. Compared to those, a two-song performance on Comedy Central seemed like a walk in the park, but Win Butler and Co. still managed to deliver a performance that couldn’t help but have one head nodding along from under the covers.

The outfit played crisp renditions of The Suburb‘s two most mainstream friendly tracks, “Ready to Start” and “Month of May”, and while the band was not immune to sound and mixing problems that plague so many other outfits which take to television studios, the end result came off, well, great. Plus, we got the added benefit of seeing Win Butler stand next to Jon Stewart, which in itself might have been the most entertaining scene of the entire night.

Relive the whole thing below:


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