Watch: Of Montreal – “Coquet Coquette”

Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t tend not to associate epic, bloody battle scenes from the middle ages with the indie rock outfit of Montreal. But after viewing the newly released music video for False Priest‘s lead single “Coquet Coquette”, I guess I’ll have to change my thinking.

Aside from the aforementioned epic, bloody battle scenes, the obvious highlight of the three minute and thirty second clip is watching of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes be a total bad ass — the same dude who used to ride around on giant ponies is now cutting people with huge swords.

Before I ruin too much, however, watch the video below (via We Listen For You). If the television show Lost was anything like this, maybe then I’d watch.

False Priest arrives September 14th via Polyvinyl. Don’t download just yet.


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