Watch: The Dead Weather bring their “Blue Blood Blues” to Letterman

As our friends at TwentyFourBit point out, The Dead Weather‘s Wednesday night appearance on the Late Show with David Leterman marked the last scheduled gig on the band’s itinerary. (Jeez, these last 14 months went by fast). There’s no word on what their immediate future is, though having already shelled out two albums and embarked on two world tours in just a little over a year, and because the band does comprise of the tireless Jack White, it’d be fair to assume that this is it — for a while, at least.

So I’m happy to report The Dead Weather went out with a bang, delivering a blistering rendition of Sea of Cowards’ “Blue Blood Blues”. On the song, Mr. White of course handles lead, which is probably appropriate given that this is his baby. Still, it’s the grit and fury of Dean Fertita’s guitar and Jack Lawrence’s bass that end up stealing the show — and provide one last reminder that The Dead Weather’s appeal goes far beyond White’s presence.

Who knows what’s next, but if you’re looking for one final reminder, this is a good one.

Hat tip to The Audio Perv for video support.


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