Watch: Titus Andronicus builds “A More Perfect Union” on Fallon

This was my first experience with live Titus Andronicus, a band that I admire completely. Reaction? They rule.

Only good things are generally said about the New Jersey outfit’s live show and they delivered with this abridged version of The Monitor‘s “A More Perfect Union”. The Roots didn’t find a way into this jam, unfortunately, but performing on Fallon is a big win for these guys, who seem to be blogged about a whole lot but listened to far less by the general public. Of course, that probably goes without saying.

As for the performance itself? Titus wasn’t quite as tight as on record, but the vocals remained fierce, with the band shining in the triumphant conclusion where the entire group hums out the melody. Plus, everyone seems cooler on the Fallon stage. The show is still the class of the late-night talk show music scene.

Enjoy the clip.


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