Watch: Wavves – “Post Acid”

So at ths year’s Lollapalooza I was given a beach ball that advertises the collaboration between Wavves and Mountain Drew — aka “Post Acid”. It’s not as trippy as their new music video for the song, but it is quite hilarious. For one, I’m pretty sure hipsters don’t know what the sun is, so a beach ball really wouldn’t provide much fun. Plus, I can’t imagine a caffeine and weed combo is good for the heart.

The hilarity goes one step further on the aforementioned “Post Acid” music video. John Norris — who is still relevant — intros the clip, which mostly sees the Wavves kids hanging with a green alien. To make it trippy, Mountain Dew added all sorts of seizure inducing cutaways and fun colors. There’s also even some emotion incorporated, but you’ll have to watch the video for yourself to experience that.

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