Weezer’s Brian Bell talks of possible Pinkerton tour

Regardless of your thoughts on Hurley — the new Weezer album with Jorge Garcia’s face plastered on the cover — do remember that this is the same band responsible for the dark power pop classic Pinkerton. And if rumors are true, then the 1996 classic will be more than a just a memory in the near future, as the band could hit the road in support of the album’s October 5th reissue (via The 1st Five).

In an interview at last week’s Mile High Music Festival, guitarist Brian Bell raised the possibility of on a nostalgic road trip, noting that the forthcoming reissue would arrive with “new packaging, and — I’m praying — a Pinkerton tour, where we’ll play all the songs off Pinkerton, soon.” No details yet, but when it comes to Weezer, where’s there smoke there’s usually fire.

Along with that gigantic news, Bell also spoke about a rarities album of unreleased tracks (which has been rumored for quite some time) called Death to False Metal that may be out shortly. See, Weezer still have it in them to be the band we fell in love with.

Enjoy all of Bell’s interview below. The deluxe Pinkerton hits stores October 5th. Hurley will make its grand debut on September 14th. As always, stay tuned for more Weezer news.


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