Brian Eno, collaborators share Small Craft on a Milk Sea details


Brian Eno is an electronic music god. Heck, he’s a musical god period. So, when the ambient lord delivered news of his new album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea, from on high, surely us mortals listened to his decree. Yet, despite his divinity, Eno turned to two young composers, Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins, for help in creating the record. Good to see all the praise we’ve given hasn’t gotten in the way of the creative process.

Eno had nothing but praise for Abrahams and Hopkins in a statement via The Quietus. He found the two collaborators more than capable partners to assist in exploring new sonic territories, saying, “The two of them are gifted young player/composers whose work, like mine, is intimately connected to the possibilities and freedoms of electronic music. Over the last few years we’ve worked together several times, enjoying exploring the huge new sonic territories now available to musicians.”

Though the album’s only been developed over the last few years, Eno has had the rough concept for it since the ’70s. At that time, with a clear preference for film soundtracks, Eno said that he would regularly hear Nino Rota’s soundtracks for Fellini movies before they were released, allowing him to “imagine a whole movie in advance.” While his imaginings of the movie rarely were in line with the actual picture, Eno said the act “left me with the idea that a music which left itself in some way unresolved engaged the listener in a particularly creative way.”

In the eyes this trio, the nature of electronic music tended to be somewhat mechanical, almost rigid, so they went about taking a more organic approach to the music. According to Abrahams, a lot of the album’s music is “improvised and, although much of it has been heavily edited, there is a sense of innocence and joy that has been preserved from the time they were made.” Hopkins added that the music has “a sense of place, mystery and otherness that doesn’t sound specifically like the playing of any of the three of us but rather a new entity.”

Enjoy the tracklist below. Small Craft on a Milk Sea hits stores November 2nd via Warp Records.

Small Craft on a Milk Sea Tracklist:
01. Complex Heaven
02. Small Craft on a Milk Sea
03. Flint March
04. Horse
05. 2 Forms of Anger
06. Bone Jump
07. Dust Shuffle
08. Paleosonic
09. Slow Ice, Old Moon
10. Lesser Heaven
11. Calcium Needles
12. Emerald and Stone
13. Written, Forgotten
14. Late Anthropocene