Depeche Mode prep Tour of the Universe DVD


    Update: The DVD release has been confirmed. Scroll below to see complete tracklist.

    From May 6th, 2009 until February 27th, 2010, English electronic behemoths Depeche Mode were on a “Tour of the Universe” — or close to it — in support of the band’s 12th studio album Sounds of the Universe. Dave Gahan and company played a whopping 102 shows across four continents, all while Gahan dealt with everything from a low-grade malignant tumor to a torn calf muscle.

    Amongst the 102 dates and various hospital trips were back-to-back shows in Barcelona, Spain on November 20th and 21st at Palau Sant Jordi. These shows will form the basis of the band’s forthcoming concert film Tour of the Universe, Barcelona, which is rumored to be receiving a November 8th release, according to fansite Home. The details of the release allegedly come from a leaked EMI email (via our good friends Slicing Up Eyeballs).

    The release is said to be available in various configurations, and will feature a full concert, a 40-minute documentary, Anton Corbijn’s on-stage backdrop films, a 16-page booklet, and the official promo videos for the four singles taken from Sounds of the Universe “Wrong”, “Peace”, “Fragile Tension”, and “Hole to Feed”. How each package differs in terms of content is not yet known.


    Also said to be in the works is a new remix album from Depeche Mode. Details are again limited, but according to Home’s “source”, the band commissioned the project for next year. The release would mark Depeche Mode’s first compilation of mixes since 2004’s Remixes 81-04 set.

    Stay tuned for more updates on these releases and anything else Depeche Mode might offer — reunion cough cough — in the months ahead.

    Tour of the Universe – Barcelona Tracklist:
    01. In Chains
    02. Wrong
    03. Hole To Feed
    04. Walking In My Shoes
    05. It’s No Good
    06. A Question Of Time
    07. Precious
    08. Fly On The Windscreen
    09. Jezebel
    10. Home
    11. Come Back
    12. Policy Of Truth
    13. In Your Room
    14. I Feel You
    15. Enjoy The Silence
    16. Never Let Me Down Again
    17. Dressed In Black
    18. Stripped
    19. Behind The Wheel
    20. Personal Jesus
    21. Waiting For The Night

    Bonus tracks
    22. World In My Eyes (20th)
    23. Sister Of Night (21st)
    24. Miles Away / The Truth Is (20th)
    25. One Caress (20th)

    01. Inside The Universe: Tour documentary

    Tour Of The Universe / Screens
    02. In Chains
    03. Walking In My Shoes
    04. Precious
    05. Come Back
    06. Policy Of Truth
    07. Enjoy The Silence
    08. Personal Jesus

    Tour Of The Universe / Rehearsals
    09. Wrong
    10. Walking In My Shoes

    Bonus tracks
    11. Insight
    12. Hole To Feed
    13. Behind The Wheel
    14. Never Let Me Down Again

    Sounds Of The Universe – Videos
    15. Wrong
    16. Peace
    17. Hole To Feed
    18. Fragile Tension

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