Late Night Lobotomy (9/13)


    Regular readers of the LBL will know that we missed a week. Whoops! The secret’s out: The writers of CoS aren’t robots. Sorry to disappoint. We get behind just like the rest of you. That said, we’ll try and make up for our little screw-up by giving you last week’s highlights, or highlight, rather. Interpol visited Fallon to play not one but two songs off their belated, yet solid self-titled.

    This week will be a little more full. A double helping of Brandon Flowers should help break the ice for his forthcoming solo effort, Flamingo, and subsequent tour. You’ll also get a double helping of Trace Adkins, though we’d be willing to bet our life savings you’re less excited about that one. Other bands to catch: Green Day on Jimmy Kimmel’s Monday night, and Robert Plant on J Fal’s Monday. Pretty solid on the whole.

    Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

    Mon—Green Day
    Tues—Brandon Flowers
    Wed—Trace Adkins

    Mon—Robert Plant

    Tues—Katy Perry*
    Wed—Nas & Damian Marley*
    Fri—V.V. Brown*

    Mon—Janelle Monae*
    Tues—Black Lips*
    Wed—Surfer Blood*
    Thurs—Never Shout Never*
    Fri—La Roux*

    Tues—Sarah McLachlan

    Mon—Brandon Flowers
    Tues—Trace Adkins
    Thurs—Santana & India.Arie

    * = Repeat

    Stay tuned, folks!

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