Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)


Oooooookay! This is what I’m talking about! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Loads of new music rolling up to play the late-night circuit. Even Carson Daly has some new ones! There were a few bleak moments toward the end of the summer where I was worried about the future of late night, but this helps ease my mind and should help ease yours.

Summer’s gone, autumn’s here. Just go to your local grocery store; their Halloween decorations are already up! But don’t be sad. Just because the heat’s gone doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop having fun. Pull out your favorite hoodie, put on your favorite Sigur Rós album, and keep on truckin’. Big week for your viewing pleasure: Chromeo, Pavement, John Legend, The Walkmen, Janelle Monae, Band of Horses, Superchunk, Primus, Nas & Damian Marley, Phoenix, and Brian Wilson (bet you just SMiLE-d). See? Like I said. Filled to the absolute brim with acts that you’re gonna wanna tune in for. You could probably stand missing Jimmy Eat World and Shakira, though.

Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

0000005566 20060919234606 Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)
Tues—Band of Horses
Thurs—Trombone Shorty

jimmy fallon 300x86 Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)
Tues—Merle Haggard
Fri—John Legend

0000034701 20061021012115 Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)

Tues—Maroon 5
Wed—Tom Jones
Fri—Jimmy Eat World

0000004411 20060919222627 Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)

Mon—The Walkmen
Tues—Nas & Damian Marley
Wed—Alberta Cross
Thurs—Janelle Monae
Fri—La Roux*

fergpic Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)
Tues—Sara Bareilles
Thurs—Betty Lavette
Fri—Willie Nelson

tonight show leno 440x230 300x156 Late Night Lobotomy (9/20)
Mon—OK Go
Tues—Sheryl Crow
Wed—Tommy Lee
Thurs—Brian Wilson

* = Repeat

Stay tuned, folks!