Tom Green shells out a few more North American tour dates


Love him or hate him, Canadian funnyman Tom Green is up to new antics again with his well-received world tour coming home to North America with a few select dates in the US and Canada.

Though his movie choices have been a bit questionable (Editor’s Note: Freddy Got Fingered = Best Date Movie Ever), Green’s “World Stand-Up Comedy Tour” showcases the lovable goofball the world came to know through his Much Music/MTV hit The Tom Green Show and the decidedly more mature comedian who hosts his own internet talk show at Well, not too mature. Just read his recent rant on high school reunions:

Facebook is going to ruin high school reunions. Before, it would be like ‘I wonder how Betty Miller looks now’. Now you know what Betty Miller looks like – you’ve been jacking off to her family vacation photos for five fucking years!” — Tom Green (World Stand-Up Comedy Tour)

Sold? Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and

Tom Green 2010 Tour dates:
09/23 – Snoqualmie, WA @ Snoqualmie Casino
09/24 – Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre
10/01 – San Francisco, CA @ Cobbs
10/02 – San Francisco, CA @ Cobbs
10/03 – San Francisco, CA @ Cobbs
10/07 – Bloomington, MN @ House of Comedy
10/08 – Bloomington, MN @ House of Comedy
10/09 – Bloomington, MN @ House of Comedy
10/21 – Ottawa, ON @ Centrepointe Theatre
10/22 – Belleville, ON @ Empire Theatre
10/23 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix
10/24 – Hamilton, ON @ The Studio
10/25 – London, ON @ The Grand Theatre