Check Out: Lupe, Common, Jennifer Hudson & No I.D. – “We Can Do It Now”

Sure, Converse UK was able to get Bernard Sumner and Hot Chip together for a song, but as far as collaborations facilitated by multi-national corporations go, we’re going to give major props to Gatorade. The company that makes neon-colored sports beverages brought together four of Chicago’s finest, Lupe Fiasco, Common, Jennifer Hudson, and producer No I.D., for the song “We Can Do It Now” (via Pigeons and Planes).

Created for the Gatorade REPLAY Series, where they reunite high school athletes to replay important games and to restart heated rivalries, the song is actually a bit of anthem (surprise surprise). While Gatorade would probably like to think it’s theirs, as each member explains in a corresponding video (check that out below), you get the sense it’s actually a song for the city they call home (which Dwayne Wade says has no hip-hop anthem, and if Dwayne Wade says that, you can take it to the bank.)

Regardless of what the collabo’s about, it’s fitting with the series’ concept of second chances and rising from the ashes. Set to a fairly standard blues track, adorned with Hudson’s pained vocals and a smidgen or two of hand claps, plus two fairly slamming verses by Fiasco and Common rife with lots of sports metaphor and Vince Lombardi-esque enthusiasm, it could be the answer to the Windy City’s anthem needs. Of course, even if you’ve never played sports, this should get you thoroughly pumped. Even for a round of badminton.

Check Out:
“We Can Do It Now”


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