Consequence of Kanye: A Dummy’s Guide to Kanye West’s current projects

Exciting… exhilarating… exhausting. Those are a few good ways to describe the current output of Kanye West. The dude just doesn’t stop. Rightfully, fans are beside themselves with joy, while those indifferent to the Chicago MC must be out of their mind annoyed by the constants tweets and posts detailing the latest West-related endeavor. Well guess what? It ain’t ending anytime soon — his new album is still six weeks away, and god knows how long it’ll be before the publicity train comes to a halt.

But accepting Kanye West’s world domination is a lot different than knowing about and enjoying his multiple ongoing endeavors. Thus, we put together a handy guide that not only details West’s current projects but also introduces you to his many collaborators. There are also streams of his new songs, along with some nuggets on what’s to come.

Enjoy/hate/run away/be appalled.


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