End of Week Recap: October 25-29

Halloween is almost here. Whether you’re gearing up for a night of serious partying, hoarding individually wrapped candies like there’s no tomorrow, or doing absolutely nothing at all, take some time to consider happenings in music this week.

A lot went down this week. Shocking, right? (Especially if you read these posts on a regular basis). Regardless, enjoy the following round-up of totally random events. And be sure to check out our site to see what there wasn’t room for in this post because, trust me, there’s plenty more where this came from.

See you next week.

Prince showed the NYC area some love when he announced the first round of dates of his upcoming tour.

Beastie Boys detailed Hot Sauce Committe, Part 2. It’s a lot like Part 1 only different…not really.

— The good people at MTV offered their  picks for the “10 hottest MCs in the game.”

Foo Fighters told us that we won’t be able to get them out of our hair next year.

R.I.P. Sony Walkman.

R.I.P. Limewire, too.

— It’s official: Coldplay will put you to sleep (along with Taylor Swift, Mozart,  and, um Radiohead).

Crystal Castles teamed up with Robert Smith.

— We heard some “good/bad news” from the U2 front.

— A new Lupe Fiasco single dropped.

Animal Collective will curate the next installment of ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties).

Deadmau5 will finally release a proper debut.

— We premiered an exclusive rendition of Oh Land‘s “White Lights.”

Jay-Z commented on hip-hop’s lack of “true emotion.”

Pearl Jam launched their own satellite radio station.

— A long-lost Ray CharlesJohnny Cash collaboration surfaced.

T.I. changed the title of his forthcoming LP for one very obvious reason.

— There are now more Wu Tang Clan reunion dates on the horizon.

Tommi Iommi and Ian Gillian proved that you can “bang your head for the greater good.”

Rumor has it that a film adaptation of Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video is in the works.

— A new Devo museum exhibition will reportedly feature 400 energy domes.

Aphex Twin said that he’s sitting on six album’s worth of new material. Whether or not we’ll get to hear any of it in the near future remains a mystery.

— According to Rivers Cuomo, we can count on 20 more years of Weezer.

Guided By Voices added an NYE date in NYC to their touring schedule.

— And, of course, what recap would be complete without a little Kanye West? He confirmed tracklist for his next LP. While you’re at it, check out this new track of his.

— Adam Kivel reviewed Avey Tare‘s first solo outing.

— Dan Caffrey offered his take on Kings of Leon‘s Come Around Sundown.

Liz Phair asserted that she “[reserves] the right to be multifacted and complex” in an interview with Karina Halle.

PS I Love You‘s Paul Saulnier sat down with Philip Cosores for an in-depth discussion of, well, a lot of different things.

— How does chocolate-covered bacon sound? Find out how this question is relevant in Jeremy Larson’ s “Strange Bedfellows,” his look at the more  memorable collaborations this year.


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