End of Week Recap: October 4 – 8


    So much for not having anything to look forward to.

    Yes, the subject of post-festival season malaise in the music world comes up often in these little blurbs of mine at the end of each week, but this time it really is appropriate. If you’ve kept up with our posts at all this week, you’ll know by know that you have 1) at least 20 more albums to buy before the year’s end 2) Many other high-profile aritsts revealed release dates and tour schedules 3) If nothing else, there’s always Kanye.

    Hopefully you’ll find something in the round-up of events below that will give you a reason to become excited about music in the coming months, Kanye-related or not.

    — It’s “officially official…probably”: Kanye West‘s new album is set for a November 22nd release. He also unveiled the title for said album. And there’s even more.

    — OK, all these Kanye project updates might seem a bit overwhelming. If this is how you feel, click here.

    November 22nd. What’s so significant about this particular date? This will tell you why.

    Barack Obama‘s musical preferences came under scrutiny in The Wall Street Journal.

    Lil Wayne will serve the remainder of his prison sentence in solitary confinement. On the bright side, he’s already sold 110, 000 copies of his latest effort.

    Lupe Fiasco‘s yet-to-be released LP finally got a release date.

    — Curious about what would happen if the members of Weezer decided to part ways, aside from the obvious? Click here. They also dropped more details about the “Blinkerton” tour.


    — First there was Miley and then there was that whole deal with the Firey Furnaces guy. This week the Boy Scouts of America got on Radiohead‘s case.

    — Miami PD kinda sorta enlisted Jay-Z for an anti-gang violence campaign.

    Glee outdid The Beatles. On the charts, that is.

    — The Smoking Gun revealed that Justin Bieber makes “a truly upsetting amount of money.”

    Hot Chip and Bernard Sumner made a song for Converse. Hear it here.

    U2 hinted at a headlining slot for Glastonbury 2011.

    Nas went head-to-head with his record label.

    Gorillaz debuted a new track and played a live webcast.

    Feist‘s documentary will premier later this month.

    Austin City Limits posted its webcast schedule.

    Gene Simmons wants to sue you. Find out why.

    Belle and Sebastian will write a song for the “lucky” individual who can write about love (get it?!).

    — On that note, Philip Cosores reviewed Belle and Sebastian‘s first LP in over four years.

    — Cosores strikes again! You can read his take on Matador at 21 here.

    Perfume Genius “silenced” a Chicago crowd. Jeremy Larson was there.

    –Karina Halle interviewed Faith No More‘s Bill Gould.

    — We posted a list titled “What’s Left: 20 More Albums to Buy in 2010.” Yeah, the title’s pretty self-explanatory.

    — We also announced our “Conflict of Interest” party at this year’s  CMJ Music Marathon.

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