Regina Spektor to release London concert film


    What’s bigger news? Regina Spektor is releasing her first ever concert film on November 22nd or that its cover art (as you can see above) has a huge parental advisory smack-dab on it. Regina Spektor and vulgarity? I hope you’re proud Tipper Gore.

    Anyhow, yes, Ms. Spektor will release the apparently explicit Live in London on November 22nd via Sire / Warner Bros Records. As the title suggests, the Adria Petty-directed effort features footage from the musician’s recent gig at London’s Apollo Theatre. Spanning 64 minutes in length, 20 songs are featured, though sadly “Consequence of Sound” did not make the cut.

    The DVD will also feature backstage footage, inside peaks at sound check, a tribute to Spektor’s late cellist Daniel Cho, and more. Plus, it will be packaged by a 23-song soundtrack.

    Find the complete tracklist below. Live in London will be available in DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, Vinyl and Digital formats. Pre-orders are now ongoing.

    Live in London Tracklist:
    01. On The Radio
    02. Eet
    03. Folding Chair
    04. Sailor Song
    05. Blue Lips
    06. Après Moi
    07. Dance Anthem of the 80’s
    08. Silly Eye Color Generalizations **
    09. Bobbing For Apples **
    10. Wallet
    11. Ode To Divorce
    12. That Time
    13. The Calculation
    14. Machine
    15. Laughing With
    16. Man Of A Thousand Faces
    17. Hotel Song
    18. Us
    19. Fidelity
    20. Samson
    21. The Call
    22. Love You’re A Whore **


    01. Introduction (November Rain)
    02. On The Radio
    03. Eet
    04. Laughing With
    05. Folding Chair
    06. Après Moi
    07. Blue Lips
    08. Machine
    09. Dance Anthem of the 80’s
    10. Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
    11. Wallet
    12. The Calculation
    13. Man of a Thousand Faces
    14. That Time
    15. Hotel Song
    16. Sailor Song
    17. Us
    18. Fidelity
    19. Samson
    20. Credits

    Bonus Material
    01. Bobbing for Apples
    02. Ode to Divorce
    03. The Call
    04. Love, You’re a Whore
    05. Soundcheck
    06. To Daniel Cho

    ** = Indicates new recordings

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