Velvet Revolver offers Live From Houston for the holidays


The word “supergroup” is tossed around too easily these days. It seems like any band that has members that were at one point in other bands is labeled a super group. But this shouldn’t be the case. If you are not playing at thousand-person venues, you are not a supergroup. You are just a veteran musician who has a new band with other veteran musicians. Because if everything continues to be labeled as a super group, the real supergroups will not get the proper recognition when they actually do form.

That brings us to Velvet Revolver, the paradigm of supergroups. Made up of Guns N’ Roses members and fronted by STP’s Scott Weiland, the band is currently trying to find a new, possibly less-super singer now that Weiland is back with Stone Temple Pilots (supergroups should always have a problem staying together, with everyone being so damned super). But that won’t stop them all from trying to cash in on your Christmas shopping dollars with a live DVD, recorded back in the golden age of 2005. Live In Houston is due out in November and will feature 12 songs, a mixed bag of the members’ “classic” tunes with their old bands, and “original” material. Somewhere Scott Weiland is laughing hysterically, wondering how he gets money for doing absolutely nothing.

If you have a mildly antisocial cousin who likes to play those Call of Duty games and whose sexuality is the subject of debate (not because he is effeminate, but because you have never heard about him dating anyone), this might be the perfect gift!

Live In Houston Tracklist:
01. Sucker Train Blues
02. Do It For The Kids
03. Headspace
04. Crackerman
05. Illegal I
06. It’s So Easy
07. Fall To Pieces
08. Big Machine
09. Set Me Free
10. Used To Love Her
11. Slither
12. Sex Type Thing