Watch: Titus Andronicus – “The Battle of Hampton Roads” (CoS Premiere)


By now, you’ve probably seen Titus Andronicus at least three or four times. This year alone. Truth is, they sort of live on the road these days, traveling from town to town, all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. With each return, however, they’re always catering to more and more hungry fans. Given that their sophomore release, The Monitor, hit streets earlier this year, it’s safe to say they have a healthy following in all major markets now – specifically in Austin, Chicago, and New York. How they’ve accomplished this is simple: passion.

There’s a lot of energy to a Titus show, and while admittedly the audience is to credit, you can’t ignore the awe-inspiring stamina of frontman Patrick Stickles, or the undying youth that moves Amy Klein, or the stoic empowerment that surrounds bassist Ian Graetzer. It’s all there. Every show. In every city. The fans eat it up. They bite down hard, chew it some, and spit it out. It becomes a clusterfuck of human flesh, all screaming and hollering in pure, unadulterated rebellion.

But, what if they weren’t there?

That’s what the makers behind FOR NO ONE set out to do. For those unfamiliar, filmmaker Daniel Ryan has created a new music series, which offers a closed-doors performance of scorching hot acts playing to, well, absolutely no one. Filmed in Chicago, IL at the Debonair Social Club, each installment strips the band of their fans and cuts them to the core. The band chooses what song to perform, and in Titus’ case, they didn’t necessarily “wing” it. They sort of went the extra mile. Or two. Or 14.

Working with the epic album closer, “The Battle of Hampton Roads”, Ryan captures the New Jersey quintet exactly how you’d want them: raw, emotional, and vivid. In stark black and white, the band pummels through the 14-minute assault, and we’re treated with a rare opportunity to see an act so up close and personal. To say it’s intimate would be an understatement. At one point, you’re right under Stickles beard, watching him spit and spew lyric after lyric. Moments later, you’re following Klein’s toes as she taps ’em back and forth. If you were ever too busy kicking in the floor at the show, this would be a prime opportunity to actually watch the band. We won’t spoil the surprises, but let’s just say…this video definitely takes a note from Pleasantville. No, we don’t mean Jeff Daniels shows up, either.

Just see for yourself…

To view more FOR NO ONE performances, be sure to check out their official site. Past artists include The Big Pink, Delorean, and Harlem.

Titus Andronicus 2010 Tour Dates:
10/29 – Storrs, CT @ University of CT
10/30 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/31 – Red Hook, NY @ SMOG at Bard College
11/17 – Brighton, UK @ The Prince Albert
11/18 – Cambridge, UK @ The Haymakers
11/19 – Bristol, UK @ The Cooler
11/20 – Nottingham, UK @ The Bodega Social Club
11/21 – Manchester, UK @ Salford Lad’s Club
11/22 – Glasgow, UK @ Oran Mor
11/24 – Sheffield, UK @ The Harley
11/25 – London, UK @ Scala
11/26 – Liverpool, UK @ Guild of Students
11/27 – Dublin, IR @ Whelan’s
11/28 – Cork, IR @ Cypress Avenue