Who’s playing Glastonbury 2011?


glastonbury festival 09 Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Fact: Glastonbury is like no other music festival in the world. Its lineup rumors begin even before the previous year’s incarnation goes down and tickets sell out months before a lineup is dished out.

Why, you ask? Precedence.

Bands want to play — it’s seen as an illustrious honor — and everyone from Springsteen and Macca to Blur and Bowie have taken the UK festival’s stage. Plus, there’s that whole consistency thing too — 41 years in and Glasto is still going strong.

So, yeah, you can see why, even though Glastonbury 2011 isn’t set to launch for another 256 days, we’re already dedicating a post to its rumored headliners. And because 2011 is an especially important year for the festival — it will mark the final edition before it takes a one-year hiatus for the London Olympic Games in 2012 — this year’s gossip is particularity great.

Bono, Thom, Prince? All that… and more:

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u2 glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

If there’s one shoe-in for Glastonbury 2011, it’s U2. Just consider the evidence: The band was forced to cancel their Glastonbury 2010 gig after frontman Bono hurt his back rehearsing. Glasto founder Michael Eavis has already confirmed he’s invited the Irish outfit back for 2011 and right before tickets for next year’s fest were set to go on sale, U2 posted a message on their website advising fans to watch this space for Glasto-related news. So, yeah, lock ’em in.
Odds: 1:2


beyonce glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Though not as much of a lock as Bono and friends, the evidence that Jay-Z’s wife will being playing Glastonbury is also quite solid. Michael Eavis confirmed the festival will be capped off on Sunday night by an American headliner and today, The Daily Star reported that person will be non-other than Mrs. Knowles. eFestivals also confirms the news, though they say Beyonce will be playing as a non-headliner, at the same time as a bigger, more British band plays.
Odds: 3-1

P.S. We just hope it’s as good as this:


coldplay glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Up until recently, the Chris Martin-led outfit also seemed to be a lock for Glasto 2011. In fact, Michael Eavis said prior to Glasto 2010 that he was “sure” Coldplay would play 2011. But with U2 basically confirmed and Radiohead also heavily rumored, would Glastonbury really have three alternative bands from western Europe headline its 2011 festivities? A lot of people think so…
Odds: 7-1


radiohead glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Predicting Radiohead’s upcoming plans is about as easy as, well, predicting Radiohead’s upcoming plans — it’s pretty much impossible. That said, Thom Yorke’s crew are said to be at the top of Eavis’ wishlist, with some outlets already claiming the band is signed on. Seeing as that Radiohead is believed to be putting out a new album next year, a headlining spot at Glasto is not at all implausible. But, again, would the festival really have three alt bands from Western Europe headline? We shall see…
Odds: 10-1

Take That

take that glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Robbie Williams’ recently reunited boy band were one of the earliest rumors for Glastonbury 2011, but we haven’t really heard much other than reports that the band was in negotiations. At this point, it might be more plausible to assume a Beyonce-like sub headlining performance.
Odds: 20-1

Kylie Minogue

kylie glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Like Take That, Minogue was an early rumor that has lost a bit of its buzz in leiu of Radiohead and Beyonce. Still, the Australian pop singer has long been thought of as a future headliner ever since she had to cancel in 2005 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She has already expressed interest in playing next year and Michael Eavis’ daughter, Emily, said a Minogue appearance at Glasto “had to happen.”
Odds: 25-1


madonna glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

Before the Beyonce rumors, many thought Madonna was the American star destined for Glastonbury 2011. It would of course make sense; Madonna has never played Glastonbury and she was heavily rumored for the 2009 edition only to be a no show once the lineup was dropped. Plus, there’s already rumors that the Material Girl will tour in 2011. So, who knows, maybe we’ll see Madonna next year after all.
Odds: 35-1


eminem glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

If Jay-Z’s Glastonbury appearance in 2009 was controversial, then I can’t imagine Eminem in 2011 would go over much better. It doesn’t look like Oasis fans have much to worry about though; the rumors stem from a lone MTV report, which came just days after the rapper delivered a controversial performance at the T in the Park Festival. Anything is possible when discussing Glastonbury, but I just don’t see this one happening.
Odds: 50-1


prince glastonbury Whos playing Glastonbury 2011?

At one point or another, every major act is rumored to be playing Glastonbury, so it makes sense that Prince’s name is being thrown out there. But really, let’s just think about it for a second: U2, Radiohead/Coldplay, and Prince on the same bill? Even that seems like a stretch for Glastonbury…
Odds: 100-1