A silent Kanye West = leaked tracks, cologne, iTunes feud, and a $100,000 concert

Kanye West hasn’t made a peep — via Twitter standards — since Thursday and even then, it was a plug for Nicki Minja’s new album, which happened to come out the same day as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Yet despite his rather noticeable absence, the Chicago MC has still managed to continue his grasp over the internet New York city world.

There was no G.O.O.D. Friday track last weekend (the first time such an event has happened since he launched the campaign some 15 weeks ago), but two West-related tracks surfaced — “That’s My Bitch”, off his Watch the Throne collaborative album with Jay-Z, and the T.I. No Mercy track “Welcome to the World”, which also features Kid Cudi.

As for his fifth LP, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it was officially released on Monday and you can buy it for just $3.99… or .99 cents. Not everyone is happy about the low Amazon.com price point, however, as Hits Daily Double reports that Apple’s iTunes digitial store has pulled any and all mentions of West’s new album.

West’s name also appeared in quite a few headlines regarding non-music business ventures. We already told you about Fatburger and there are also reports of a Kanye cologne coming. Hopefully an endorsement deal with Captain Crunch, too. Maybe he’ll even rival Flava Flav’s new vodka and fried chicken franchises.

Finally, today’s big news came in the form of a surprise show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City later tonight. Tickets sold out in 30 seconds and soon after that, $100,000 eBay listings began popping up. For those who didn’t score an exclusive spot at the show — by the way, to rub salt in the wounds, West is rumored to be performing his new album in its entirety with special guests Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and papa Hov — fret not. West will also be appearing at the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, where MTV reports he’ll ride the Big Apple Float and perform the MBDTF track, “Lost in the World”. Hopefully Bon Iver will be there, too.

Oh, and all that’s without mentioning that whole Jack White and Jay-Z collaboration.

And with that, I think the above picture is officially appropriate.

P.S. The vinyl version of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been unveiled. It’ll be available starting December 21st.


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