Cadence Weapon releases Tron-themed mixtape

So apparently there has been a bit of griping about Daft Punk’s upcoming Tron: Legacy Soundtrack. Maybe it’s a bit too ‘soundtracky’ and not quite ‘Daft Punky’ enough. Whatever the case may be, Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon may have the answer for people looking for a different Tron related sound.

Or then again, maybe not. The artist, whose real name is Roland Pemberton and who is currently the Poet Laureate of the city of Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada, released his first work since 2008 onto the Web. Though the name-your-own-price record is titled Tron: Legacy -The Mixtape, there’s little apparent connection to the film despite a nod in the intro to Daft Punk for a purported head-clearing excursion to the south of France.

Still, with samples ranging from Arcade Fire to Gucci Mane, Sleigh Bells to Jay-Z, the album is certainly worth… well, whatever you feel like paying, really. Simply head over to Cadence’s website, enter any amount you feel like forking over, and let the downloading commence. Don’t forget to pick up the Daft Punk scored soundtrack starting December 7th.


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