Check Out: Hercules and Love Affair’s new single, “My House”

It’s rather odd that Hercules and Love Affair would name their upcoming sophomore LP Blue Songs. When we think of the color blue, we associate it with feeling down, which would in turn make us bump some sad songs. But based on the noise of the first song from the album, “My House”, the album’s going to be more of that super sweet modern disco sound. So, that begs the question: what color is disco? Is it like a hot pink?

Thanks to the sweet falsetto of vocalist/newcomer/former fan Shaun Wright, “My House” is exactly the vibrant hue you’d expect: big, booming vocals with a diva-esuqe tendency, plenty of electronic junk noise, and, oh yeah, and a boatload of rhythm. We’re thinking the album’s real shade is a straight prism of color courtesy of that shiny disco ball hanging overhead.

Check out the track (via the NME Daily Download blog), and the album’s tracklist, below. Blue Songs hits stores January 31st via Moshi Moshi.

Blue Songs Tracklist:
01. Painted Eyes
02. My House
03. Answers Come in Dreams
04. Leonora
05. Boy Blue
06. Falling
07. I Can’t Wait
08. Step Up
09. Visitor
10. It’s Alright


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