Check Out: The Kickdrums – “Animal” (CoS Premiere)

New York City duo The Kickdrums continues to prove that they’re a band to watch even without RZA’s hand in their mix. First they did it with the low-budget video with a neat trick for “Perfect World,” and now with a new song just for you CoS readers. Producer/singer Alex Fitts and producer/DJ Matt Penttila’s new one is called “Animal,” and it does a hell of a job showing off their ability to blend their diverse influences into one solid, often-danceable, fully-enjoyable track.

Clocking in just over 4 minutes 30 seconds, the song opens with a tramping bass line and orchestral strings that briefly turn into a Tchaikovsky composition after a quick blues guitar pluck and just before a mellow funk chord progression. That’s all within in the first minutes, excluding the bumping drum beat and before what sounds like violins from an Abba record. Yeah, it sounds like it could get messy, but the gold here is that the boys make it work really, really well.

Don’t believe it? Just hit play below and watch as Fitts and Penttila display their “Animal” talents. Keep your eyes and ears open as we’re still waiting for a release date on their new album, Meet Your Ghost.

Check Out:
Animal – The Kickdrums


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