End of Week Recap: November 15-21

Every week I say it’s a stacked week. Every week I say that there’s just no way to fit everything in one little recap post.

Well, this time I actually mean it this time. And if you’ve taken a look at our site recently, you’ll see what I mean. And even if you haven’t the sheer size of the following round-up of music-related events will surely give you the right impression.

We’ll see you at the same time, same place, next week, provided you haven’t slipped into a food-induced coma by then.

Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze collaborated on a new music video.

Foo Fighters will headline Sasquatch! 2011.

Lollapalooza will launch a South American spin-off next spring. Now the good people of Santiago, Chile will have a chance to pay way too much for beer and stay out until (gasp!) 10pm.

The White Stripes will reissue their first three albums.

— Earlier this week we posted a link to a six-minute sample of Daft Punk‘s  Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Why settle for that when you can sample the entire thing?

Girl Talk gave away his new album for free. Get it now if you haven’t already. And see if you can name all the samples used in it without consulting this website.

Primavera Sound announced some seriously amazing additions to their lineup.

— It’s finally happening. The Beatles‘ entire catalog will soon be available on iTunes. (Do you suppose this means that Glee and Niki Minaj will finally be booted the top ten?)

Sufjan Stevens made his late night debut with a performance of “Too Much”.

— He’s not even two weeks out of prison and Lil Wayne released a new track. Seriously.

— A Joe Strummer biopic is reportedly in the works.

— New tracks from Dr. Dre‘s Detox dropped. One features Akon, the other Eminem.

Iron & Wine detailed their forthcoming LP. He also played a show in Miami recently, which Lauren Guagno  reviewed.

Ghostface Killah AND Redman announced solo efforts this week. Yes, the Wu Tang reunion is still on. And, yes, RZA‘s still the only one holding out.

The Strokes finished their new record… at least that’s what Julian said.

— Still reeling from this year’s Bonnaroo? Well, it’s time to get geared up for the next one since the festival’s organizers set the 2011 installment’s dates.

Joanna Newsom’s not dead, I promise. However, she is getting her own tribute album.

— And speaking of tributes, Neil Young‘s tribute concert has some impressive artists lined up.

— The original members of Depeche Mode reunited for a remix album.

— It looks like we’ll have to wait a little long for that new Guns N’ Roses title than we originally thought. Shockkker.

Arcade Fire and Spike Jonze collaborated on a new music video.

Foo Fighters will headline Sasquatch! 2011.

PJ Harvey‘s not telling us something, at least not right away. Click here to find out more.

— I bet you didn’t know that Flava Flav is planning a vodka and fried chicken franchise, did you? Well, he is.

— After the big fuss we made about Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy someone actually had to review it. Michael Denslow stepped up to the plate.

— We don’t cater exclusively to indie rock elitists. We also review artists your mom likes, like Norah Jones. Check out Chris Coplan’s take on her latest title here.

— Jeremy Larson chatted up Paul Sprangers of Free Energy.

— Nick Freed did likewise with Tim Kasher.

— We posted our look at  sophomore slumps titled “And Then There Were None.”

— Not sure what kinds of coal, er, presents to buy for your loved ones? Consult our holiday gift guide.


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