“Hey Jude” is the most popular Beatles song on iTunes UK

We weren’t sure if music fans would automatically flock to iTunes and spend their hard-earned cash on Beatles songs that they already own, but it seems like – at least in the UK – people are glad they can impulsively buy a digital version any tune by the Fab Four with just a single click. NME is reporting that UK-based iTunes users downloaded “Hey Jude” more than any other Beatles song. There is no magical reason why the Pal McCartney-penned tune is the most popular track, but it is apparently outselling its closest rival – “Let It Be” – by a landslide.

Meanwhile, things are looking a little bit different stateside. A quick visit to the iTunes charts reveals that, “Here Comes the Sun”, which was written by George Harrison is the top-selling Beatles track in the U.S. The Abbey Road track is currently positioned at no. 40 overall, and the closet Fab Four cut is “Let It Be”, which currently sits at no. 50.

The lack of Beatles songs in the overall top 10 isn’t a big surprise, and John, Paul, Ringo, and George are still getting clobbered by the cast of Glee, Rihanna, Cee-Lo, and even Ke$ha, who currently occupies the top spot on iTunes singles charts. You can check out the official standings yourself by clicking here, or you can just be satisfied with the 320kpb versions of Beatles tunes you already ripped into your music library. It’s all up to you.


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