Late Night Lobotomy (11/29)


    Here’s to hoping your Thanksgiving was irrevocably full of good times. But in case those good times didn’t include watching the late night circuit, CoS has got your back. There wasn’t much to miss, but if you did miss it and would like a re-cap, you should do so by viewing The Very Best’s television debut here, Metric’s never-ending Fantasies here, the lovely Regina Spektor here, and the phoniest band to come out of Utah this decade here.

    Eternally the optomist, I like to try and see the best in things when it comes to late night. But this week didn’t make things easy. Not only will there be a plethora of re-runs, but the new acts aren’t too awesome on the whole. I mean, I liked Hootie and the Blowfish back in ’96, and even Darius Rucker’s solo stuff doesn’t bother me too much, but is that the best you have to offer, late night programming? Fortunately, our saving graces come in the forms of good re-runs (in particular the Bruce Springsteen hour re-airing Wednesday night on J Fallon, which is a MUST SEE), and three good performers. By name, Kid Cudi (here’s to hoping St. Vincent shows again), the post-debut drop Nicki Minaj, and the first television performance by Deerhunter since the relase of their fantastic Halcyon Digest. But that’s not to discount Norah Jones, Michael Franti, and the incendiary Rod Stewart who will all be performing as well throughout the week.

    Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

    Mon—Nicki Minaj
    Thurs—Darius Rucker

    Mon—Elvis Costello*
    Tues—Kid Cudi*
    Wed—Bruce Springsteen*
    Thurs—Kings of Leon*

    Mon—Kid Cudi
    Tues—Bo Burnham

    Wed—Nicki Minaj*
    Fri—Bruno Mars*

    Mon—Kate Nash*
    Tues—Broken Bells*
    Wed—Ra Ra Riot*
    Thurs—School of Seven Bells*
    Fri—Built To Spill*

    Mon—Michael Franti
    Wed—Nellie McKay
    Thurs—Norah Jones

    Mon—Keyshia Cole
    Tues—Rod Stewart
    Wed—Darius Rucker
    Thurs—Julia Fordham and Paul Reiser

    * = Repeat

    Stay tuned, folks!

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