Listen: the band in Heaven

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, the band in Heaven provides some much-needed darkness to the Sunshine State, working off a sound that’s a cross between the drone of The Velvet Underground and the fuzzy distortion of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Or, in the words of the band’s guitarist, Ates Isildak, their music is a bunch of “fuzzy, dreamy, hazy, feedback-driven pop songs.”

Currently a duo consisting of Isildak and percussionist Lauren Dwyer, both sharing vocal and organ duties, the band in Heaven is an active part of the live music scene in their native Florida. Recent gigs have included support slots for Surfer Blood and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, while a tour of the East coast is planned for the fall.

At the moment, the band in Heaven has a collection of free demos available for download on both their official site and page. “A Tunnel into Your Dreams” features faint, detached vocals lost in a sea of guitar distortion and feedback. The track is sure to please fans of shoegaze, as will the hypnotic pop gem “High Low”. Physical media is in the works, though. One recent output is a split cassette with Weird Wives on Worker Bee Records, which you can grab now. ”It’s going to be some dark stuff,” Isildak says. A full-length is coming too, but no official date is planned.

The band’s history is unique, to say the least. “I used to buy Lauren and the rest of my sister’s friends alcohol because they were underage,” Isildak says. “Then she was straightedge for a while, so we weren’t really friends during that time period, but when she returned to the world of sinister vices, I was there to usher her in. In the inebriated states that followed for the years we were roommates, we dreamed up lots of schemes. One was playing music together.”

And if the past sounds weird, the future sounds even weirder. “Hopefully everyone will have forgotten our music by then,” Isildak says. “We can be remembered only for sex tape scandals, or maybe for our outrageous behavior on a show like Celebrity Rehab. That’s how you know you’ve made it big in the country. When you are famous and no one can even remember why. One can dream.”

Most definitely.


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