Update: Panda Bear announces new single, “Last Night at the Jetty”

Despite the fact that the album itself doesn’t technically exist, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear is prepared to dole yet out another 7″ single off his upcoming album Tomboy with the release of “Last Night at the Jetty”. Existence is overrated, it would seem.

Per Gorilla Vs. Bear, the single, along with its b-side “Drone”, will be released December 21st via FatCat Records. Limited to 3,000 copies, “Last Night at the Jetty” is described by InSound (which is where you can also pre-order the record, FYI) as full of “Lennox’s beautifully layered, honeyed vocal harmonies morphing across a fairly simple grid of wobbly guitar, a whip-crack metronome-beat and a scattering of electronic sounds and effects”. InSound also said the b-side takes a “more reductive, minimalist approach.” Minimalist for PB doesn’t exactly mean a whole lot toward simplicity.

“Last Night at the Jetty” marks the third single in Panda Bear’s ongoing four-part series, with “Tomboy” and “You Can Count on Me” having already been released by Paw Tracks and Domino Records, respectively. Stay tuned for news on the fourth single, as well as whether Tomboy will ever actually exist or not.

Update: You can stream both “Last Night at the Jetty” and “Drone” here. The single’s artwork can be seen above.


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