Primal Scream to put out huge box set for Screamadelica 20th anniversary

Next year, Primal Scream‘s magnum opus Screamadelica will have been around for 20 years, and as one might expect, the band will be churning out a reissue. This particular re-release, according to Slicing Up Eyeballs, will receive the gigantic box set treatment. The set will include four CDs, one DVD, and two vinyl records. One of the CDs will be a remastered version of the album for which Bobbie Gillespie and Andrew Innes of Primal Scream enlisted longtime collaborator Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. Gillespie said of Shields’ help in an interview with NME: “He’s just really good with sound and frequencies, we thought it was a fun thing to do. Kevin, Andrew and myself went down to the mastering room. Kevin’s the one person in the world that all remastering engineers would hate to see walking into the studio, when we walked in the guy nearly had a fucking heart attack!”

According to Slicing Up Eyeballs, the rest of the set, titled Screamadelica: Collector’s Edition, will consist of a new live album called Live in L.A., 1991, a remastered edition of the band’s 1992 four-track EP Dixie-Narco, and a remix CD featuring cuts by Andrew Weatherall and The Orb, among others. Also included is a double-vinyl version of Screamadelica, a DVD of the 30-minute documentary The Making of Screamadelica, bonus footage from the original “Screamadelica” VHS release, and some other miscellaneous cool junk — a 50-page book, a 12-inch slipmat, and a replica tour T-shirt.

Just to make 500 people feel even more super exclusive, the band will put out a limited “white” edition of the set. Just to make 20% of those super exclusive people feel super extra exclusive, Primal Scream will sign 100 copies of the “white” sets.

The set comes out March 7th in the U.K., and costs £105.99, or approximately $167.50, at The band is also putting out a tamer version of the set that features a tw0-CD deluxe edition featuring only the remastered versions of Screamadelica and Dixie-Narco, both in “deluxe vinyl replica packaging.”

Look out for the band on tour in Australia and the U.K. early next year. This weekend, those lucky enough to be in London can see Primal Scream perform Screamadelica in full. For the rest of us, check out most of the tracklist for the box set below.

Screamadelica: The Collector’s Edition

CD1: Remastered Album
Remastered by Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes and Kevin Shields

01. Movin’ on Up
02. Slip Inside This House
03. Don’t Fight It, Feel It
04. Higher Than the Sun
05. Inner Flight
06. Come Together
07. Loaded
08. Damaged
09. I’m Comin’ Down
10. Higher Than the Sun [A Dub Symphony in Two Parts]
11. Shine Like Stars

CD2: Live In L.A., 1991
Mixed by Andrew Innes

CD3: Screamadelica Remixes
01. Farley Mix 7? (5:59)
02. Loaded 7? (4:19)

“Come Together”
03. Farley 7? (4:23)
04. 7? Mix (Wetherall (4:45)
05. Terry Farley Extended 12? Mix (08:02)
06. Hypnotone Brain machine Mix (5:14)
07. BBG Mix (6:27)

“Higher Than The Sun”
08. Higher Than The Orb (5:00)
09. Higher Than The Sun 12? (6:43)
10. American Spring Mix (6:20)

“Don’t Fight It”
11. 7? Edit (4:10)
12. Graham Massey Mix (4:53)
13. Scat Mix (8:07)
14. High, High, High (Massey) (5:54)

01. “I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had” (4:48)
02. “Ramblin Rose” (2:27)

CD4: Dixie-Narco EP (Remastered)
01. “Movin’ On Up”
02. “Stone My Soul”
03. “Carry Me Home”
04. “Screamadelica”

DVD: Classic Album Documentary
“The Making of Screamadelica” – 30 mins
01. “Screamadelica”
02. “Movin’ On Up”
03. “Slip Inside This House”
04. “Don’t Fight It, Feel It”
05. “Higher Than The Sun”
06. “Come Together”
07. “Damaged”
08. “Loaded”
09. “Shine Like Stars”
10. “Inner Flight”

LP: Remastered Album – Gatefold 2LP
A1. “Movin’ On Up”
A2. “Slip Inside This House”
A3. “Don’t Fight It, Feel It”

B1. “Higher Than The Sun”
B2. “Inner Flight”
B3. “Come Together”

C1. “Loaded”
C2. “Damaged”
C3. “I’m Comin’ Down”

D1. “Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)”
D2. “Shine Like Stars”


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