Reggie Watts to record live album at Third Man Studios

Jack White and his Third Man Records are mostly about dirty country blues. While the label is home to all of White’s side projects and a number of other southern home-cooked bands, White seems to be expanding his roster to include some comedians who also have an ear for a tune. Earlier this year, he welcomed BFF Conan O’Brien to record a live-to-vinyl album in his studio (which Conan later reciprocated). And in a similar fashion,White will host comedian Reggie Watts to record a live show straight to reel-to-reel this week (via TwentyFourBit).

Watts will perform at White’s Third Man Records studio/record store in Nashville this Thursday, December 2nd at 8 PM. Those lucky so-and-sos in attendence will not only receive a fantastic show but also a limited-edition black and blue vinyl pressing of the performance. An LP of the show will be available for purchase at a later date, and I’m not positive, but somehow I doubt this is going to be on iTunes considering Mr. White’s recording techniques seem to imply that technology invented after the 1950s is utterly irrelevant.

To get a sense of the mad science of Watts, earlier this year, Watts performed a great gig at our CMJ Conflict of Interest party, which you can read about here. You can watch a brief interview with him here, and you can also check out a performance of him on Conan below.

As a bonus, check out the preview for the show in the form of a phone call that didn’t happen between two creepy, creepy dolls below.


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