Sample tracks from Ryan Adams’ Cardinals III/IV right now


    As we’re all aware, Ryan Adams is back to being Ryan Adams. Following a short breather/hiatus (aka he got married), the singer/songwriter’s last six months have seen everything from the release of a metal album to a duet with his new bride, Mandy Moore. So, in the spirit of being pummeled by the sounds of Ryan Adams, why wait another second for the long-awaited release of Cardinals III/IV when you can head over to Amazon right now and sample the “second double-album concept rock opera about the 80’s, ninjas, cigarettes, sex, and pizza.” Because waiting is so un-rock and roll.

    Amazon also has the album listed as hitting stores December 14th, with iTunes pre-orders beginning November 23rd. Props to Given and Taken In Ink for the find.

    Cardinals III/IV Tracklist:
    Side A
    01. Breakdown Into The Resolve
    02. Dear Candy
    03. Wasteland
    04. Ultraviolet Light
    05. Stop Playing With My Heart

    Side B
    06. Lovely And Blue
    07. Happy Birthday
    08. Kisses Start Wars
    09. The Crystal Skull
    10. Users

    Side C
    11. No
    12. Numbers
    13. Gracie
    14. Icebreaker
    15. Sewers at the Bottom of the Wishing Well

    Side D
    16. Typecast
    17. Star Wars
    18. My Favorite Song
    19. P.S.
    20. Death And Rats
    21. Kill The Lights

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