The Forms announce guest-heavy EP, Derealization

The Forms, a New York-based indie rock duo, started the day off of my proverbial radar. But after announcing an EP featuring vocals by Matt Berninger (The National), Andrew Thiboldeaux (Pattern Is Movement), and Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think), they have created a sizable blip.

Since forming in 2003, Alex Tween (vox, keyboards) and Matt Walsh (drums, sequencers) have released two EPs, the Steve Albini-produced Icarus in 2003, and 2007’s The Forms. After receiving a vinyl of the self-titled EP, Walsh dropped the needle on the 33 and, to his amazement, as the disc spun at 45 rpms, the songs took on an entirely new character. After experimenting with different speeds, they knew a “remix album” was in order.

Not content to simply remix the tracks, the project quickly turned into something much more ambitious. The duo arrived at their new recording studio in Ridgewood, Queens prepared to deconstruct their original two releases down to their essence and recombine them with new arrangements, chord progressions, and words. With the help of producer Scott Solter (Superchunk, St. Vincent), and string arrangement courtesy of the Dirty Projector’s Nat Baldwin and St. Vincent’s Daniel Hart, each track of the EP “creates a more specific, almost visual world.”

The 6-track EP, Derealization, is set for release on February 15th on Threespheres/Ernest Jenning records. Listen to “Steady Hand”, then peep the entire tracklist below.  

Check Out:
“Steady Hand” (feat. Andrew Thiboldeaux)

Derealization Track List:
01. Fire to the Ground (feat. Matt Berninger)
02. Same Path Mantra
03. Steady Hand (feat. Andrew Thiboldeaux)
04. Alpha Wave
05. Finally (feat. Craig Wedren)
06. Derealization


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