Watch: MF DOOM joins Gorillaz on stage in Europe

There’s no denying that, despite his status as an icon, MF DOOM has had a problem with actually performing when he’s scheduled to. Between shows done by impostors or just flat out canceling gigs, the villain himself has disappointed a few fans in his time. However, if there’s one entity that could ensure the MC actually makes it to the stage it’s Gorillaz. Check out footage above (via JP’s Blog) of Damon Albarn freaking out like a schoolgirl when he announces Doom’s surprise arrival for “Clint Eastwood” at their November 16th gig in London, England. Then, since more DOOM is never a bad thing, see below (via Some Kind of Awesome) for footage of Doom joining the cartoon band on stage for “November Has Come” during their November 23rd show in Paris, France.  The second clip features DOOM in all his glory as he… reads from a book? Well, we’re just glad he showed up at all!


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