Album Review: White Car – No Better EP

Of all the styles of the 80’s to enjoy a revival in recent years, isn’t industrial overdue for a high profile resurgence? It’s not like all things under the industrial umbrella have disappeared, but they have been missing out in the current climate of blogger-friendly buzz bands. Or have all its offshoots rendered a prolific revival unnecessary? In any case, as industrial duo White Car, Chicagoans Elon Katz and Orion Martin offer some sinister sounds and sexy beats on their promising sophomore EP No Better from the Hippos in Tanks label.

The title track brings to mind Ministry as it creepily throbs along to menacing, droning vocals. “Feel Hunt” is a refreshing and enjoyable throwback to electronic body music. Hailing from the birthplace of the genre, it’s no surprise that a healthy dose of house is thrown into the White Car mix. “Reality Beat” offers some especially funky rhythms to the White Car lexicon, living up to the duo’s self-described “industrial space funk” sound.

Through White Car, the Wax Trax aesthetic lives on. This combination of industrial and EDM synths, a baritone ominous enough to make many a post-punker cower, and funk is a worthy addition to any gothic dance floor. What elevates No Better above a simple trip down memory lane is the element of humor to the lyrics. It’s the sort of winking self-awareness that can only come in hindsight.


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