Buy on Craigslist: Man Man and Dr. Dog’s Piano

Craigslist is many things. It is where nice people rent out apartments, like the one I’m sitting in now — which is wonderful! It’s also where terrible people peddle sex and hate and demons and scam people out of thousands of dollars — which is the opposite of wonderful. Somewhere in between these two extremes lays Philadelphia music producer Bill Moriarty’s upright piano, the very same one played by Dr. Dog and Man Man (via Anti-).

“I am moving out of my recording studio I’ve shared with Dr. Dog for five years,” typed Moriarty, confident he’ll get a better deal on Craigslist than eBay. “This is a beautiful sounding, entirely imperfect upright piano. It has a clunky old sound full of character. We’ve used this on nearly every record made in this studio for the last 4 years. When Honus (Ryan) from Man Man was moving out of his house he wanted this piano to go somewhere it would be loved so I brought it to our studio…”

Moriarty says that this piano was formerly owned by Honus Honus, lead singer of Man Man, and after he acquired it, it was used to write and record Dr. Dog’s Fate. For samples of the piano, Moriarty directs you here, but for all the details, just check out his ad on Craigslist.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, $8000 ain’t a bad price for late 1800s piano rife with musical history. Sure beats $350k for a bedazzled golf glove.


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