Check Out: New Björk song for Alexander McQueen tribute

Despite not releasing a studio album since 2007’s Volta, Björk is still on all of our radar screens. Thanks to work on the Mount Wittenberg Orca EP and Ólöf Arnalds’ Innundir Skinni LP, not to mention an Earth-shattering video for “Comet Song”, we never have to wait long for more wailing from our favorite Icelandic pixie. In keeping with the tradition, another new Björk song has surfaced, this time as a part of a film honoring fashion designer Alexander McQueen (via Pitchfork).

The song is a part of a short film called To Lee, With Love, Nick and is directed by photographer Nick Knight, with a premiere date sat for December 7th during the annual British Fashion Council Awards, where McQueen will be honored. The film features a very familiar-sounding Björk cut that is matched with equally odd and undulating graphics. Who would’ve thought the best images for a Björk song would be distorted imagery?


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