Check Out: New Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros track, “Fire & Water”

With their music appearing in everything from car commercials to TV shows and indie filmsEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros might just be suffering from over-saturation of their debut, Up From Below. A year and a half touring behind one album can leave a band feeling a bit stale (until one actually catches another glimpse of them frolicking around live). It sure would be nice to hear some new tunes to keep their take on indie folk fiascos fresh.

Well, a “new” track released yesterday might do the trick until more word on a sophomore album comes out. The band/group/cult/collective/hippie-party’s iTunes Sessions recording hit the iTunes Store yesterday, and with it comes the first studio recording of “Fire & Water”. Previously entitled some variation of “Firewater (The River of Love),” a quick Google Video search reveals the track has been played live since at least April.

Still, this new recording is something worth hearing. Lead vocalist Alex Ebert steps aside and lets Jade Castrinos take the reins on this one, and it works to great effect. Stretching from deeply earthy to raspy shrieks, her tones compliment the murky beauty of the song to form a very fine new-folk track, the likes of which will be needed to give Eddy and his Zeros their second-wind. Take a listen by hitting play below, and lets hear what you think in the comments section. Thanks to The Music Slut for the cloud.


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