Check Out: New Mountain Goats song, “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”

One has to wonder what makes John Darnielle tick. The mastermind behind The Mountain Goats seems to find inspiration for the twisted yarns he spins in everything. Because of Darnielle’s proclivity for the unexpected, it was almost unsurprising when rumor spread that the band’s next album might be one of death metal. (It won’t be.)

Never shy of being topical, Darnielle may have out-morosed himself with this powerful new offering, “Tyler Lambert’s Grave”, which was released late last night via the musician’s Twitter. The song, it appears, is a lament on the suicide of former television actress Dana Plato’s son, Tyler Lambert, and features a stunning string arrangement to compliment the barely-there piano and Darnielle’s restrained vocals. Interesting choice.

Although not an album track, if the March 29th release of the Goats’ new LP,  All Eternals Deck brings this kind of heartache, we just may have a soundtrack for all those rainy April 2011 days.

Check back here for more details on the new LP as they emerge.

“Tyler Lambert’s Grave”


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