Cold War Kids get that Third Man Records show/vinyl treatment

If you’re a band, more specifically a band called Cold War Kids, there are plenty of studios you can attend to lay down some unique live recordings. Many bands go to The Interface. If you’re a little folksy, go to Daytrotter. If you’re well-educated, go to NPR’s Tiny Desk. But if Jack White takes a liking to your sound/comedy stylings, you should definitely go down to Nashville, TN, and play Third Man Records. He does it up real nice in Nashville.

Cold War Kids will be heading to White’s studio December 12th, much like Reggie Watts did this week, to play a show and have it recorded directly to analog equipment (via Spinner). Once again, only if you’re in attendance can you get the special split-color vinyl of the show. An LP of the show will be available for purchase at a later date.

It’s safe to say that Cold War Kids will debut some new songs from their forthcoming album, Mine Is Yours, due out January 25th of next year. If you can’t make it down to Third Man Records next week, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the band as they finish up their winter tour and embark on a spring tour in 2011.


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