Cornershop seek fan funding for new album

Not getting the memo from Public Enemy, UK’s Cornershop are currently attempting to crowdfund the follow up to last month’s The Battle of New Orleans EP. But the indie-pop duo’s expectations, much like their grills, are considerably more modest than the $75,000 sought by Flav and Chuck D.

After self-releasing Judy Sucks a Lemon For Breakfast in March, Cornershop have now decided to partner with UK-based PledgeMusic in asking fans to help fund their forthcoming release, Cornershop & the Double ‘O’ Groove Of . By pre-ordering the album, fans not only help Cornershop finish and release the album, but can snag some pretty awesome merch for just a few extra bucks. For only $12.64 (or more accurately £8) fans receive a project download, but larger amounts are rewarded with various signed CDs, a handcrafted shopping bag, handwritten note, or even an email interview with singer/songwriter Tjinder Singh himself.  And the ultimate reward is still available: For less than $800, you can receive an authentically damaged acoustic guitar — smashed while shooting for Spin magazine alongside Joan Baez & Todd Rundgren in Mississippi.

With 48% of the goal already reached, expect more news shortly. Until then, check out the lead single, “The United Provinces of India”, featuring vocalist Bubbley Kaur. And if you like what you hear, remember to help the guys out.

Check Out:
“The United Provinces of India”


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