Damon Albarn to score short film, The Boy In The Oak

Given how many other projects Damon Albarn has on his plate, it’s understandable why he may want to put Gorillaz to bed. In addition to his role at the 2012 London Games and rumors of a new Blur album, Albarn is now set to score a short film.

Albarn’s sister, Jessica, recently released a children’s book entitled The Boy In The Oak and according to The Playlist, plans are already in the works for a star-studded film adaption. Big brother Damon will provide the music, acclaimed actor Jude Law will narrate, and Luke Losey (whose resume include collaborations with Orbital and Mercury Rev) will serve as director.

The Playlist reports that the story “centers on a young boy who lives in the cottage with a big old oak tree out back. He doesn’t really care about the tree and certainly doesn’t know it is enchanted, but all that changes as the fairies living in the oak are about to cast a spell that will change his life forever. Sounds pretty cute and given the talent lining up to bring this one to life we’re definitely curious.”

The film’s official release date is still forthcoming, but screenings are expected to begin in Spring 2011.


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