Did Gorillaz just play their last concert ever?

Despite his holiday surprise, Damon Albarn hinted earlier this month that the end may be near for his much-acclaimed project, Gorillaz. This possibility was further realized last night when the outfit delivered the final scheduled gig on their “Plastic Beach” world tour in Auckland, New Zealand. As per the above YouTube video, Albarn delivered a lengthy speech during the concert in which he told the audience that this may be the final time the collective performs together.

“For us, this is the last time… you know, we all hope and pray on this stage that all the people who work with us that we will get a chance to work together as a collective again,” said Albarn. “We may never do that again, so for us tonight is a very charged moment.” Scroll to the 3:27 mark to watch the speech in full.

If this was to be Gorillaz’s final show ever, it’d mark a bittersweet end to what has otherwise been a thrilling 2010. Their third LP, Plastic Beach, was our fourth favorite album of the year, and the band has been even more stellar live. Plus, they managed to bump Singamajigs as the most-anticipated Xmas gift of 2k10.

For those who weren’t present in Auckland, check out live clips below:

“Dirty Harry”

El Man?ana



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