Download a new Deftones remix in benefit of Chi Cheng

Before we begin, an apology. Earlier tonight, an article concerning a new Deftones remix benefiting bassist Chi Cheng was mistakenly published on Consequence of Sound. Unfortunately, the article was published before an editor could review it and was not retracted until after it went through our automated Twitter and Facebook feeds. Anyone who reads this site on a consistent basis knows that the views expressed in that piece do not reflect the overall beliefs and ideals conveyed by Consequence of Sound. In fact, we have reported on every single means of benefiting Chi since he suffered the unfortunate accident in November 2008. Regardless, I accept full responsibility and would like to apologize to anyone offended. It will not happen again.

As it relates to the original topic, the Deftones have indeed released a new remix in benefit of Chi. Per Blabbermouth, Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s side project Sol Invicto has released an official remix of “Diamond Eyes” on to help with Chi’s medical costs. The track is available for 99 cents, with all proceeds benefiting Chi.


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