Gorillaz’s new “iPad” album due out on Christmas

Truth: the best gift you’ll receive this Christmas won’t come from mommy and daddy, but rather one Damon Albarn. As previously reported, the UK mastermind recorded a brand new Gorillaz album on his iPad — and you thought we were joking! — and in a interview with Perth Now, Gorillaz co-conspirator Jamie Hewlett announced that the untitled effort will drop on Christmas Day. Seriously.

“At the moment we’ve got an advent calendar on our website and there is a daily door that opens to reveal a gift,” Hewlett explained to Perth Now. “On Christmas Eve a video for one of the new songs from the iPad album will be released. Then, on Christmas Day fans get the whole album downloaded to their computer for free as a gift.” Way to ruin the surprise, Jamie!

We don’t have many other details about the album, but Albarn made sure to emphasize the fact that the whole thing was indeed recorded on his iPad during the band’s 2010 world tour.

“I wanted to make sure that it came out at the end of the tour because I don’t want anyone to think I’d tampered with it,” Albarn said. “I literally made it on the road in America over a month. I didn’t write it before, I didn’t prepare it. I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America. If I left it until the New Year to release it then the cynics out there would say ‘Oh well, it’s been tampered with’, but if I put it out now they’d know that I haven’t done anything because I’ve been on tour ever since.”

More details as they become available. In the meantime, be sure to participate in Gorillaz’s ongoing Scavenger Hunt. Winner gets an exclusive, unidentified song and maybe a surfboard too. You might also want to book a flight to London for the summer of 2012. So much for retirement.

Hat tip to Gorillaz-Unofficial for the link.


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