Got health issues? Dr. Ozzy will fix you

Our UK readers read Ozzy Osbourne’s “Ask Dr. Ozzy” in The Sunday Times, and the U.S. version of Rolling Stone magazine just started running the column in their print editions, but now is reporting that in less than a year, you’ll be able to buy a whole book of medical advice from Mr. Black Sabbath himself.

In October 2011, Little, Brown Book Group will publish Ask Dr. Ozzy. The book – which will be co-written with Chris Ayres – is set to not only answer readers’ health questions, but also tell stories not told in Osbourne’s 2009 memoir, I Am Ozzy. Little, Brown editor-in-chief Antonio Hodgson said the book will also “offer advice that no human should offer and shed light on [Osbourne’s] seemingly superhuman ability to keep breathing.”

No excerpts from the book have surfaced but highlights from the column include The Prince of Darkness giving readers advice on how to maintain beautiful skin, keep their kids from smoking pot, and get their girlfriends to have sex with them. One especially hilarious entry finds Osbourne explaining why he walks on a treadmill instead of outdoors. “The only reason I don’t go for walks myself is because my arse has got a mind of his own,” he wrote, “If I’m out of range of a toilet, I freak out.”

The book doesn’t hit shelves until next year, but you can ask Ozzy a question by clicking here.


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